Savonnerie du Midi

Savonnerie du Midi, founded in 1894, is one of the last traditional soap factories in Marseille. A shop & and a Museum were opened to the public on the production site in 2018 tracing the history of Marseille soap.

The soapy of Midi a story since 1894-Groupe PRODEFThe factory makes and markets soaps for cleaning and the body, in particular traditional Marseille soap.

The soaps and cleaning products are marketed to the general public under different brands.

Savonnerie du Midi is commited to promoting traditional Marseille soap, and is a co-founder of the Marseille Union of Professional Soapmakers (UPSM), an association created in 2011.
WSPU — Union of SOAP professionals in MarseilleThe Savonnerie champions Marseille soap made in the Marseille region using traditional processes: made in cauldrons exclusively with vegetable oils (72% minimum) without dyes and fragrances.
Midi Soap in 1906

Traditional Marseille soap Manufacturing Site

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Master soap of Marseille-soaps of the Midi-Groupe PRODEF Care D Orient-all the richness of the orient-soapy of the Midi-group PRODEF The Corvette-Soapy of the Midi-Groupe PRODEF
Maître Savon de Marseille
A range of cosmetics with soaps from Marseille and Provence together with liquid soaps and a variety of household and washing products (most of which boast the Ecocert label); available in supermarkets.Shavings-de-soap-de-Marseille-soaps of the Midi-PRODEF A line of body care products inspired by the East. Enjoy discovering all the benefits of soaps from Aleppo, argan oil and similar items.

Pure Orient care of Aleppo soap 100% of natural origin-soaps of the Midi

The historic brand from Savonnerie du Midi, which dates from 1894, made a comeback in 2015. Savonnerie offers genuine cosmetics and household cleaning products that are certified natural or organic.

Set Les paves Marseille Bio-the Corvette-soap factory of the Midi-PRODEF

Master Soap of Marseille Oriental Care The Corvette