Hygiene & Nature

Hygiene & Nature

Hygiène & Nature specialises in ecological cleaning and hygiene products as well as disinfectants. We manufacture and market our products to commercial enterprises, institutions, industry and general public.

Savonnerie du Midi

Savonnerie du Midi

Savonnerie du Midi, founded in 1894, is one of the last traditional soap factories in Marseille. A shop & and a Museum were opened to the public on the production site in 2018 tracing the history of Marseille soap.

La Nenette lustreuse veritable - Compagnie du Midi

Compagnie du Midi

Compagnie du Midi is based in Carros Le Broc. The company specialises in making and marketing wiping products as well as the Nénette brand for cars.

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Prodef: French cleaning products

French, family-run SME and a major actor in the cleaning industry since 1924