Hygiene & Nature

Hygiène & Nature specialises in ecological cleaning and hygiene products as well as disinfectants. We manufacture and market our products to commercial enterprises, institutions, industry and general public.

A subsidiary of the PRODEF Group and is located in the Dijon region.

Hygiene & Nature has a production site for manufacturing together with a research and development laboratory..

All of our products are designed, developed and manufactured in France.

Hygiène & Nature is keenly focused on respecting the environment, and is committed to an innovation and research policy that aims to promote high-quality, ecological products.

In addition, the company also has a foothold in Russia via its subsidiary DEO.

Hygiène & Nature :

  • High-performance formulas
  • Respects the natural environment
  • Innovative solutions
  • High-quality Products
  • Support and advice for best use

Discover Hygiene & Nature’s, entire range of products!

Aqua D-Wiping BIO-control-maintenance of green spaces HYGIENATUR-Ecological Products ACTIVE HYGIENE-Biological treatment

Hygienatur Ecological Products Ecolabel Ecocert-Groupe PRODEF

Nenet-Vehicle Maintenance Netflora-Scented Products PRO-Products for collective catering SAVYL-Body and laundry hygiene

PRO Catering Collective Clean Maintenance-group PRODEF

TECHNICSOLS-Technical products for soils TERY-General Maintenance TIROS-Industry

Tery General Maintenance Products-PRODEF Group