Compagnie du Midi

Company of Midi-Groupe PRODEFCompagnie du Midi is based in Carros Le Broc. The company specialises in making and marketing wiping products as well as the Nénette brand for cars.

Its products (including sponges, scourers and cleaning cloths) meet different needs (day-to-day cleaning, DIY, upkeep) for regular or one-off use.
The real FrenchCompagnie du Midi markets the famous Nénette impregnated polishers, which have been made in France since 1947, for maintaining your car. There is also a premium range of ecological car cleaning products.
Discover La véritable Nénette Where to find “La Nénette”
Compagnie du Midi launched a new range dedicated to home sales in 2018:
Comptoir de Manon en Provence
Bio Products-Le Comptoir de Manon en Provence
Le comptoir de Manon en Provence Direct selling business unit
Amelie's drug factory in FranceThe company also owns two ranges of comprehensive cleaning products for the general public – Droguerie d’Amélie et Le Chêne et Roseau – both of which are made exclusively from ecological products that are certified and manufactured in France.

The druggie of Amélie-Company du Midi-PRODEF      The oak and the Reed-Company of the Midi-PRODEF

La Droguerie d’Amélie Download the brochure France/Export in specialty stores
Le Chêne et le Roseau Download the brochure France/Export in specialty stores
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