key dates

1924 1966 1972 1987 1990 2010 2013 2015
Company founded with the launch of Solitaire Universel Merger with Lion Noir Cleaning services division created Solitaire sold; focus on commercial markets Cleaning division developed with SIN&STES SIN&STES sold; focus on commercial hygiene products Takeover of Compagnie du Midi, including Savonnerie du Midi Renovation work starts on Savonnerie

In 2020

  • Launch of a new brand “Assainol” by Hygiène & Nature : eco-certified disinfectant
  • Mobilization to produce disinfectants and soaps in the context of the COVID-19 crisis
  • “Marseille Soap” operation for 1 euro

It was in 2018 : crowndfunding operation lauched

From yesterday to today
From 1924 to 1955:

Prodef’s long history began in 1924 when the company launched a multi-use cleaning product: Universal Solitaire. Raoul and Rolf Nordling set up Furmoto Solitaire to market the product, with immediate success.

After the end of World War II, the company set its sights firmly on conquering the market with its innovative products under the Solitaire brand, including Solilaine, Solivaisselle, Solibaby and Soliclair.
The brand’s commercial development was outstanding.

From 1956 to 1987
Guided by Raymond Fiévet, from 1956 the group began to consolidate and bring different cleaning product companies under one roof: it acquired Decapfour and PPZ, launched WC Net and, in 1966, merged with Produits Chimiques Lion Noir (polish and Miror).
En 1966

The group changed name, becoming Prodef: Produits d’Entretien Français — literally French cleaning Products.
 The group began expanding its business in the 1970s with the creation (in 1972) of a cleaning services division, Solitaire Travaux Entretien Services (STES), together with the acquisition (1980) of IDEAL, specialising in household dyes.

From 1988 to 2012
Prodef sold its main subsidiary Solitaire Produits d’Entretien in 1987, refocusing on the specialty and commercial market via HYGIENA, which was further strengthened in 1994 with the acquisition of the PFC production unit.
The group expanded its foothold abroad in the 2000s, particularly in Russia with its subsidiary DEO.
At the same time, the group built on its service delivery business by entering into a partnership with SIN in 1990 and creating SIN&STES. Twenty years later, with 40 establishments in France, the latter boasted a turnover of € 218 million and a workforce of 11,000.
Prodef also continued to diversify with the acquisition of Promoplus, a marketing company.
In 2005, the group sold part of its holdings – IDEAL and Promoplus – followed by SIN&STES in 2010. With HYGIÈNE & NATURE it then refocused on its original core business: manufacturing and selling cleaning products for the commercial market.
Prodef announced a share repurchase in 2010 and a stock market sale on January 25, 2011.
From 2013 to present:
Prodef strengthened its position in its traditional cleaning business in 2013 with the acquisition of Compagnie du Midi, which specialises in wiping, scouring and soap products.

Guillaume Fiévet joined and headed up the group. Under Fiévet’s leadership, the group boosted its commitment to a comprehensive CSR approach combining tradition and modernity. Fiévet decided to showcase the range of eco-certified products and BIO-labelled products for all brands across the group.