Strict quality policy

The Prodef group carries out and develops its activities in a spirit of sustainable development. The group’s subsidiaries are ISO 9001 certified, which serves to verify the requirements of the quality management system.

The group’s subsidiaries must consistently demonstrate that their products comply with customer requirements and the relevant legal and regulatory demands. In addition to complying with regulatory standards, the group is strongly committed to designing high-quality products that are environmentally friendly.

 • Eco-design commitment • 

Hygiène & Nature is committed to an eco-responsible approach and eco-design.

What is eco-design?

The initiative consists of:

integrating the environment into the design phases in order to reduce the negative impact of products on the environment throughout their life cycle offering human-friendly products by restricting the use of substances that are dangerous to the health of humans, animals and plant life reducing unnecessary waste and discharges maintaining product performance and efficiency educating and informing consumers

 • Product certification • 

HYGIÈNE & NATURE complies with and anticipates changes in the regulations specific to detergents, biocides and cosmetics throughout the product life cycle.

Eco label European Group ProdefThe company is committed to developing Ecolabel products. This EU economic label, symbolised by the flower motif, guarantees the principle of a global approach that factors in a product’s entire life cycle: the choice of raw materials, its formulation, production, distribution, consumption and elimination after use. An exclusive labelling system illustrates the impact of each stage on humans and the environment.

The products are certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE: For the health of our consumers and the environment, most of our products are certified by ECOCERT (an independent inspection and certification body) with the following principles:

  • Promoting the use of ingredients derived from organic farming
  • Using production and processing methods that respect the environment and human health
  • Integrating and developing the concept of green chemistry
  • Informing and protecting consumers
ECOCERT GREENLIFE certifies a major part of our products based on two standards:
  • The Cosmos standard for cosmetic products
Ecodetergents and ecodetergents made with organic ingredients for cleaning products.

ECOCERT is an inspection and certification body approved by the French Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries together with the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Employment. The label guarantees that the various components are collected, processed and extracted according to processes validated by ECOCERT using a production approach and methods that respect the environment. Eco-certified manufacturers are checked twice a year by an independent ECOCERT auditor.

Compagnie du Midi is a member of the COSMEBIO association

Many of our cosmetic products have been labelled Cosmebio since 2017 so we can champion and promote natural and organic cosmetics.

   Warranty Label Cosmebio Cosmos Organic Company Midi Group PRODEF 2017      Warranty Label Cosmebio Cosmos Natural Company Midi Group PRODEF 2017

This label signals the ethical and technical commitment of our products:
  • Over 95% natural ingredients are used in our products
  • Respect for nature and animal life
Promotion of fair trade and social commerce

Controlled regulation