Championing traditional know-how

Traditional Marseille Soap

The Prodef group is committed to championing the cause of Marseille soap through its Compagnie du Midi subsidiary and its Marseille soap factory.

The group has invested in renovating Savonnerie du Midi, located in the 15th arrondissement of Marseille, which boasts over 120 years of existence. The aim is to preserve the traditional know-how that goes into making Marseille soap. In 2018 the Savonnerie opened a museum dedicated to the manufacturing process, together with a shop. Savonnerie du Midi has also opened its doors for several years to mark European Heritage Days.

Savonnerie du Midi is a founding member of the Marseille Union of Professional Soapmakers (UPSM).

The association was created in 2011 by four historic soap factories in the Marseille area with the aim of promoting and championing traditional Marseille soap.

The UPSM joint trademark:

The use of the collective mark denotes compliance with the UPSM charter; it is controlled by CERTIPAQ, an independent certifying body.


Its COMPOSITION — Marseille soap must be made exclusively of vegetable oils and without any animal fat. It is fragrance free, colorant free, preservative free and additive free.

Its manufacturing process — t must be cooked in a cauldron for approximately 10 days, following the five steps of the traditional Marseille process.

Its geographical origin — It must be manufactured in Marseille or the surrounding region, the historic location of Marseille soap making.

In line with these specifications, the UPSM has also filed a joint trademark with the following official logo:

Crédit-soap from Marseille Lewebdoc

The looms that make Nénette

The famous Nénette polisher, created in 1947, is made in Carros Le Broc (Alpes Maritimes) by Compagnie du Midi. The original mechanical looms are carefully maintained in our workshops. Nénette is then sewn by our seamstresses prior to the impregnation and drying phases.

Nénette is available near you!