CSR commitments

Prodef strengthened its position in its traditional cleaning business in 2013 with the acquisition of Compagnie du Midi, which specialises in wiping, scouring and soap products.

Guillaume Fiévet joins and heads up the group.

Under Fiévet’s leadership, the group boosted its commitment to a comprehensive CSR approach combining tradition and modernity. Fiévet took the decision to highlight the number of eco-certified products and BIO-labelled products for all brands across the group.

We wish to highlight the quality of products made in France, both in France and in export, and offer eco-certified and labelled products. To do this, we are careful to preserve the know-how from the traditions, but also to innovate continuously thanks to an investment policy driven in the framework of a medium and long-term vision. This allows us today to propose a wide range of products manufactured in France, efficient and environmentally friendly — Guillaume Fiévet